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By collaborating with local artists, we bring a different flavour to each show, making each project unique and authentic and in the process we grow when understanding issues from an inside point of view. It is at the heart of such exchange that the collective expands in knowledge, followers and warriors; it is in that bond between Food of War and local talent where we can understand the nature of the communities, their needs and how we can help them.

Marina Abramovic
Raul Marroquín
Rafael Gomezbarros
Kazuma Obara
Pedro Paricio
Nick Drake
Ernesto Canovas
Lucia Loren
Noela Roibas
Anne Duk Hee Jordan
Tomas Espinosa
Korolowski Brothers
Nina Dotti
Juan Cabello
Adriana Ramirez
Roman Mikhaylov
Diana Velasquez
Esteban Peña
Sonia Cunliffe
Fernando Peñuela